We, Prato

We, Prato Youth in transformation

Francesco Arese Visconti

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  • Year 2015
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“We, Prato – Youth in transformation” is a documentary photography project about the second generation of Chinese community and their peers of Italian origin", Francesco Arese Visconti.
" If I had to identify keywords to interpret the photographs found in We, Prato, I would choose the following pairs: differentiation and discernment, identity and integration, humanity and place", Betty Sacco German

Francesco Arese Visconti

Francesco Arese Visconti is a free lance photographer. He is the Deputy Head of the Media Communications Department, Photography Program Coordinator and Research Faculty at Webster University, Geneva (CH). Since 1999 he has been working for museums (Uffizi Gallery and Museo degli Argenti in Florence) and public institutions (Provincia di Firenze and Regione Toscana). He is the author of photographs issued in more than 30 publications. In 2004 he completed research on the relationship between human constructions and the environment on the Greek islands. The project “Archaeology and Environment” won the second prize at the “Toscana Photo Festival” in Massa Marittima (Grosseto, Italy). In 2005 he published a book on the Italian architect Giovanni Michelucci (“Michelucci: l’architettura fotografata”). He worked until 2010 for the German Art Institute in Florence (“Kunsthistorische Institut in Florenz – Max Planck Institut) on a research project on the space relationship between squares and monuments in Tuscany. For this research he shot more than 700 photographs with a 5x7 camera. A book and a database were published with all the photographs (F. Nova, C. Joechner, “Piazza e Monumento”). Francesco works mainly on long-term research projects. Check his latest work on http://hiddenidentityproject.wordpress.com www.aresevisconti.com